Herzpraxis Schützenmattpark

Friendly and trustful environment

It is of great importance for us to ensure you a stress free, friendly and trustful environment. Therefore, we do our best to make your stay in our clinic as pleasant as possible.

Our philosophy is primarily based on our strong belief that the initial comprehensive personal conversation is the first and most important step towards a properly targeted diagnosis and efficient therapy.

Due to our long experience and modern technical equipment, we are convinced that we are capable of offering you an efficient medical care. However, it is also part of our philosophy to avoid subjecting our patients to unnecessary technical investigations. In this context, we do strongly believe in what a British physician had written in the last century:


“From inability to let alone;
from too much zeal for the new and contempt for what is old;
from putting knowledge before wisdom, and science before art
and cleverness before common sense;
from treating patients as cases;
and from making the cure of the disease more grievous than the endurance of the same,
Good Lord, deliver us.”

Sir Robert Hutchinson (1871-1960)
British Pediatrician

"Common sense is in medicine the master workman."

Peter Latham